A Message from Our District Master

Elliott Codding


What a wonderful honor it is to be elected to serve as Distract Master in the Pacific Southwest District 15 of the Vasa Order of America. Knowing that there is an overwhelming support for my ability to lead this District through another year is humbling. I will do my best to rise to the tasks presented to me and perform my duties to the best of my ability. I will work towards transparency and encouraging members to uphold our core values of Generosity, Truth, and Unity. With the help and support of the executive board, district deputies, appointed committee members, and all of you within the district we will move closer to becoming stronger as a District in both members and Unity. In order to achieve a successful year, it is going to require all of us to do our part to support our local lodges, district, and grand lodge.

I look forward to a wonderful productive year serving our local lodges within District 15.

In Generosity, Truth, and Unity,

Elliott Codding