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The purpose of the organization is to preserve the culture and heritage of the Scandinavian people; it was founded as a Swedish-American fraternal society. There are local lodges in the United States, Canada and Sweden. Most lodges meet monthly and organize, promote or participate in events and programs of interest to the Scandinavian-American community. Festivals with Nordic food specialties, music, folk dancing (by both adult and children), and observance of special holidays are among the activities of the Vasa Order which consists of regional districts, 15 in the US, 2 in Canada and 2 in Sweden.

The organization is governed by a Grand Lodge that meets every fourth year to consider constitutional issues and set policy for the districts. Membership at the governing level is elected by delegates from more than 200 local lodges.

The Vasa Order offers cultural and social programs, folk dancing, help in tracing Scandinavian ancestry, scholarships, youth activities and children’s clubs. Of the 237 Vasa Lodges in the US, Sweden and Canada, 12 make up Southern California’s District Lodge #15. Persons, 14 years or older, of Swedish or other Nordic ancestry or who are committed to the promotion and advancement of Nordic heritage and culture, are eligible for membership in the Vasa Order of America. We do not discriminate and we provide equal treatment in all aspects of the organization to all members and to all applicants.as per our Harassment policy.

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You will need to fill out a membership application form.
On-Line versions of this form are available below.

For use in the United States: This is the link for the USA Membership Application: https://www.vasaorder.com/vasa_pdf/VASA_Membership_application_USA_2019.pdf
For use in Canada: This is the link for Canada Membership Application: https://www.vasaorder.com/vasa_pdf/VASA_Membership_application_Canada.pdf

Email our District Secretary, Linda vasads15ldk@gmail.com for information on where to send your completed membership application to.

Vasa Order of America
A Swedish American Fraternal Organization

Maggie Connelly
Maggie Connelly

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We encourage every member 14 years and up to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

Interested in learning Swedish?

The Grand Lodge is working on a Swedish Language Program! The webpage “Swedish Language Corner” will include an excellent, free Swedish course complete with text and sound, which can be downloaded and studied in your local lodge or at home. Check back here for details in the near future. You may also want to try Duolingo.com – it is free and there are many languages offered including Swedish.

You are invited to join our Facebook Language Group.

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