District Master’s Message

A Message from Our District Master October 2022

John Vikander
Jon Vikander, District Master

Dear VASA Members,

I am honored to serve alongside all of you for the good of the Vasa order, especially District Lodge Pacific Southwest #15. Guiding us this year will be our theme, Communication! This theme is two-fold:

  • Getting the word out by word of mouth, social media, web presence and activities. When someone searches Swedish or Nordic Culture – it would be grand if Vasa Order of America, particularly District Lodge Pacific Southwest #15, pops up in the search results.
  • Getting the word to and from our local lodges on district activities and what the district can do to support our local lodges and members best. When I searched “Swedish Communication Traditions”, I discovered the Cultural Atlas, which highlights a key point, “Communication in Sweden is participative, with everyone encouraged to share their perspective.” I will endeavor to encourage participative, open and respectful communication at all levels of our district.

Our members and local lodge officers are the heartbeat of our district. Your spirit and talents make our local lodges a place to call home, to share in traditions and fellowship. It is my sincere hope that the restrictions of the pandemic continue to be relaxed and we can continue to celebrate Nordic culture in person. I look forward to visiting our local lodges for meetings and special celebrations.

Be sure to review the benefits of membership to Vasa Order of America including cultural events, scholarships, fellowship with others through local lodge meetings and more. Be sure to take advantage of any that interest you.

In closing, thank you to Past District Masters, Elliott Codding, Inga Francis, and especially Maggie Connelly and the the entire executive board of District Lodge Pacific Southwest #15 for leading us through unprecedented times, leading up to the 107th Convention. Getting together in person with friends and making new ones at the convention is always a highpoint for my wife and I. If you haven’t attended as a delegate, guest or office holder, consider doing so in 2023!

In truth, unity and generosity and with enthusiasm,

Jon Vikander

DLPSW #15 District Master