District Master’s Message

A Message from Our District Master – May 2021

Maggie Connelly
Maggie Connelly, District Master

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Hello to all of our members! We have all had to modify our lives this past 2020-21 year with this Covid-19 pandemic. Emergency and CDC orders have been in place. Now, there is a ray of hope. A good portion of our State of California and our City of Los Angeles have been vaccinated. It’s looking like we may return to a bit of normal in our lives. Wouldn’t that be nice! Outdoor dining with friends. Can you imagine?

Our first event that some of us may be attending is the Spring Picnic at VASA Park in Agoura Hills on May 23. The staff at VASA Park are trained in following the CDC Guidelines. Members have had the opportunity to reserve a table for this picnic. CDC requirements and protocols are in place.

I have been fortunate to participate in lodge Zoom meetings. Lodges are meeting using Zoom and some have already held a few meetings outside with social distancing. We all are looking forward to attending meetings and being there when lodges slowly reopen.

I congratulate those lodges who have continued to stay in contact with their members during this pandemic with regularly scheduled Zoom meetings, phone calls and check-ins. Lodge newsletters are exemplary. Special commendations to the Skandia Nytt and Golden Valley Lodge #616 newsletters. Oak Leaf Lodge and Mayflower Lodge are to be congratulated, too. Nancy Kingston contributed to engaging members by sponsoring a ZOOM book club with many interesting Swedish book club selections.

The Los Angeles Times now reports that Los Angeles County is on the brink of the most lenient Covid tier – the yellow tier. There will be more options for allowing our lodges to reopen. For the lodges, there is pent-up demand to return to our normal in-person meetings, dinners and events. For many, it will be like taking the first swim of the season with one foot in the water to test the temperature.

We want our lodges to open up, but we also to protect ourselves. We will follow CDC Guidelines and use common sense. When we are allowed to hold indoor meetings, guidelines including social distancing and masks will be followed. I encourage all of you to continue to be mindful of the guidelines to protect yourself.

In Truth and Unity,

Maggie Connelly
District Master
District Lodge Pacific Southwest No. 15