Membership Challenge DL12

Procedure (adopted 2015):

1) District #15 acquires and pays for the challenge trophy that will be awarded annually for the next 11 years. The odd number of years is selected to prevent a tie at the end of competition which is limited to our two Districts (#12 and #15). The annual winner is the District that has the greatest percentage gain in the number of members during the calendar year, as determined by the year-end per capita tax (a loss of members would be counted as a negative gain). Grand Secretary (currently Joanie Graham) will be asked to certify the numbers.

2) The annual winner gets custody of the trophy for one year. The losing District pays for the engraving of a small plaque that will be attached to the trophy showing the year together with the names of the winning District and its District Master. After 11 years the trophy is retired and awarded to the District with the most winning years. The District with a lesser number of wins will pay for the engraving and attachment of a plaque that displays the name of the final winner.

3) The first year of competition shall be 2015. The first year’s calculations shall be based on our populations as of December 31, 2014. The Grand Secretary has determined that District #12 had 883 members and District #15 had 855 members on this starting date. The first year’s winner shall be determined by the percentage gains on December 31, 2015.