Awarded Scholarships

2021 Scholarships Awarded:

Congratulations young scholars on your scholarship awards from
the District Lodge Pacific SW No. 15 and from the Grand Lodge.
We wish you the best!

The District awarded $41,350 in scholarships.

Lodge Award
Noah Bennett 426-Evening Star $3,000
Emma Chiarelli 616-Golden Valley $2,000
Wenche Eklund 616-Golden Valley $1,500
Maidie Karling 616-Golden Valley $1,500
Linda Kosvic 682-Desert Viking $1,500
Sophia Lent 247-Skandia $3,000
Willem Lent 247-Skandia $3,000
Emmaline Mauritson 247-Skandia $3,350
Jon Erik Moyles 719-Glenn T Seaborg $3,000
Jon Erik Moyles 719-Glenn T Seaborg $3,500
Linda Moyles 719-Glenn T Seaborg $3,500
Carolina Pall 445-Mayflower $3,500
Jillian Risigari-Gai Lopez 247-Skandia $4,000
Flower Vandervelde-Person 685-Oak Leaf $2,000
Marilyn Vik 682-Desert Viking $1,500
Mary Wright 682-Desert Viking $1,500

Emma Chiarelli 616-Golden Valley $1,500
Flower Vandervelde-Person 685-Oak Leaf $1,500

We congratulate the graduates 2021 and that includes those graduating from High School. We wish the best for the future of these scholars and look forward to hearing about their future. Most of the scholars have received awards from the District, Grand Lodge, and in some cases the Vasa Park Association, as well as their own Local Lodges. We thank these organizations and to our benefactors for supporting the scholars.

2021 Grads
426-Evening Star – Kaelin Den Hartog
445-Mayflower – Alexander Scott
616-Golden Valley – Lars Heinstedt
682-Desert Viking – Keely MaMacken

2020 Grads
426-Evening Star – Edwin “Eddie” Bennett – DDS

Scholarship Awards 2020 presented at the District Convention 2020 at the Double Tree Hilton Resort in Cathedral City
(not all were present). L-R Colt Kenyon – Oak Leaf/685, Flower Vandervelde-Person – Oak Leaf/685, Elina Linner – Desert Viking/682, and Julia McGowan Desert Viking/682

Recognizing the 2020 PAST Scholarship winners!!
2020 Grand Lodge scholarships awarded to District 15 members.
$1000 Awards: Jeremy Braneke-Hite – Mayflower/ 445; Bryan Casado – Nordic/660; Emma Rose Chiarelli – Golden Valley/616; Kaelin Den Hartog – Evening Star/426 and Jon Erik Moyles – Glenn T. Seaborg/719, from Desert Viking No. 682 include Elina Linner, Keely McMacken, Emily
McGowan, and Julia McGowan.

Kaelin’s Grand Lodge Scholarship Essay, “How has traditional Swedish music and folk dance influenced your involvement with the Vasa Order’ is featured on page 29 of the September 2020 NORDSTJERNAN Swedish newspaper.
Grand Lodge Sjolunden Virtual Swedish Language Camp Award : Willem Lent – Skandia/247. William’s Grand Lodge Scholarship essay is on page 37 in the September 2020 NORDSTJERNAN Swedish newspaper.

2020 District 15 scholarships 2020 – awarded $41,500 ~ Congratulations!

$3100 – Medical : Ed Bennett – Evening Star/426, Emmaline Mauritson – Skandia/247

$3000 – Sjolunden : Emma Chiarelli – Golden Valley/616, Marissa Chiarelli, Eric Jonsson

$3000 – Graduate : Annika Bjorkman – Golden Valley/616

$3000 – Undergraduate : Cole Kenyon – Oak Leaf/685, Julia McGowan – Desert Viking/682, Keely McMacken -Desert Viking/682, Natalie Taylor – Golden Valley/616

$2000- Undergraduate : Lars Heinstedt – Golden Valley/616, Elina Linner – Desert Viking/682, Emily McGowan – Desert Viking/682

$1500 – Elder Hostel : Laila Jensen – Golden Valley/616, Marie Mickelson – Golden Valley/616

$1000 – Undergraduate : Emma Chiarelli – Golden Valley/616, Flower Vandervelde – Oak Leaf/685